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Commercial Window Tinting

Commercial Solar window tint and Film- AZ Window Film

Commercial Solar Window Tinting

Installing solar window film on your building can reduce energy costs, increase the level of comfort for your occupants, and improve the overall aesthetics of the building. If you are looking to add a solar window film to your business, we can help. 

It’s no surprise that the biggest heat gains come from buildings’ windows. Consequently, commercial buildings in Arizona are full of windows. This allows for great views of products and scenery but can put a strain on building HVAC systems. Even if the glass doesn’t get direct sunlight, it still radiates through. This is magnified in downtown Phoenix where the sun bounces off nearby buildings and glass. As a result, you get increased glare and eye strain. Window glare can reduce comfort, customer satisfaction, and employee productivity. Adding solar window tint to your business can alleviate these problems.

During the summer, solar window film rejects up to 80% of the heat coming through your windows. Therefore, adding a solar window tint or film to your building can significantly reduce your electric load and improve your building’s overall comfort.

We have a variety of window films that can reject heat in your commercial building. Furthermore, most of our commercial window tint films have warranties between 10-15 years. If you are looking for a professional commercial window tint company near you, give us a call and schedule an appointment.

Commercial Decorative Window Tinting

Decorative window film can be used for privacy or design purposes. They’re easy to customize, and some films are reusable. Similarly, there are etched decorative films and patterns with endless possibilities. A decorative film can be used on doors, glass partitions, or windows.

Furthermore, we carry a decorative line with thousands of premade, high-end designs in vinyl and window cling. As a result, a decorative window film is an easy retrofit to upgrade a room, building, or office. Give us a call to discuss your project. We can go over all the decorative styles and design options to create something that will fit your needs.

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Commercial Decorative Window Tinting Phoenix AZ
Commercial safety and security window film installation AZ Window Film

Commercial Safety And Security Window Film

Safety and security film is a useful tool in fighting vandalism. With our anti-graffiti film, we can protect a wide range of glass in areas prone to be vandalized. Even more, our anti-graffiti film can protect the glass from glass graffiti, scratches, and acid etchings. This sacrificial barrier is less expensive than replacing the glass.

Common applications of our anti-graffiti film:

  • staircases
  • shopping centers
  • elevators
  • display cases
  • bathroom mirrors
  • public transportation areas

We also install security laminates in 7-15 mill security film that we can attach with 3 different types of proprietary attachment systems or wet-glaze using dow-995 structural sealant. These systems can protect people and property against explosions, acts of violence, and intrusion. Give us a call for a site survey and estimate.